Dreaming Awake

Live music & Kundalini activation

Energetic process that leads to a state of expanded consciousness, commonly called Kundalini activation.

Dreaming Awake is a shamanic and electronic journey that takes place while laying down on your mat, bringing you into a deep relaxation. 

The music will take you along a journey through your alpha waves, and will lead you to different levels of expanded consciousness. 

This experience is close to a waking dream.  It’s an invitation of self-discovery, to be connected to your « true authentic self ». It will enrich your inner world and create a better balance giving you what you need right now. This journey is supported by intuitive touch, sound instruments, light language and more…

All you need to do is come with a sense of childish curiosity and trust in the natural intelligence of the body systems, where intuitive self-healing takes place.

Are you ready to daydream?

by Antonella & Devanagari