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The art of truth.

We have been conditioned for so many years, that we no longer know who we are. We have lost our confidence and fear the unknown. We have lost our connection with the natural laws, with our inner truth, our true nature.

My mission is to bring an objective understanding of energy, and to strengthen the potentials of each person by helping the return of the memory of the true being.

Antonella is a co-creator, mentor and facilitator of an energetic process that leads to expanded states of consciousness, commonly known as “Kundalini Activation”. She focuses on the conditions under which this process works and has learned through converging dimensions such as cognitive science, psychology, language and music. She is passionate about creating healing journeys and the unfolding of self-awareness mechanisms. She helps people remember their true selves by creating environments dedicated to letting go, sharing her knowledge and empowering everyone by encouraging individual practice (playlist listening).

In 2021, she begins to speak the language of light. Since that day, all his sessions are accompanied by it, bathing the spaces with the frequencies of the codes of light.

The same year, she created the event ‘Dreaming Awake’ in Tulum, a shamanic and electronic journey where intuitive self-healing takes place with the musical performance of Devanagari (Hang and Sitar). She offered this event to Nomade Tulum and Holistika Tulum.

In 2022, she decided to guide new facilitators and share all her knowledge accumulated during the last 3 years of studies and experiences by creating ‘Trans(e)formation’; an energy school, inspired by Pi Villaraza in Paris.

Antonella has a degree in psychology. She also trained as a yoga teacher (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yang) and has been practicing daily for years.
She is also trained in energetic processes and music.

She also organizes transformational retreats, intensive weekends and sessions in Paris, Ibiza and Tulum.

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    It was during a trip to Ibiza that I had the chance to meet this beautiful solar yogi.
    That was 7 years ago and since then she has discovered the practice of Kundalini activation which has changed her life. Between Paris, Ibiza and Tulum, she shares this discipline to help her students discover their reason for being.

    Antonella Curti agreed to answer my questions.

    Where were you born?

    I was born in Besançon.

    What is your background?

    I studied in Strasbourg until I obtained my master’s degree in Psychology. Then I went to Rennes to do an MBA at the Franco-Japanese Management Center, for which I spent a year and a half in Tokyo.

    Then I started to travel and settle wherever life took me. I lived in Denmark, a few months in Paris, four years in Berlin and finally settled permanently in Ibiza, 8 years ago. And for the past few years, I have been spending my winters in Tulum, Mexico.

    In 2015, I left Berlin following a romantic breakup. I would describe my life as “dark” at the time. I settled down, two thousand kilometers further south, in Ibiza. It is on this island that I took charge of my life, thanks to a friend who introduced me to yoga, meditation… Eight months later, I left for India to do my first yoga training and everything went very fast. I set up my yoga retreats, the “Ibiza Funky Yoga Retreat”, which were a hit in the first year.

    Three years later, a workshop caught my attention. It was held in Ibiza, with Venant Wong, the founder of Kundalini Activation Process. I was fascinated by the promotional video that showed bodies moving under his hands. I was curious to test his method, but at the same time very apprehensive. During this session, my body also started to move involuntarily and made gestures and mudras, which were repeated and linked together. I felt like someone had gotten inside me. It made me euphoric!

    At the end of the session, I threw myself at him and told him that I wanted to do what he did.
    In 2020, I was doing my first training in energy, in Tulum.

    Venant Wong told us that he was giving us a gift of activation and that this would allow us to transmit energy to others.
    I believed in it for one and a half years, before I realized that some people were already starting to get active, even before I did anything.

    I started to wonder and wanted to understand what was going on in the sessions and why people were really getting active.

    I’ve heard of teaching another master’s degree, Pi.

    I took his training for six months, then a second one for four months, and since last November I have been in a discussion group.

    This energetic process, which leads to expansions of consciousness, has real scientific and cognitive explanations and above all there is no transmission of energy.

    After this revelation, I felt the need to transmit what I had learned and developed, so I created my trans(e)formation inspired by Pi Villaraza’s energy school.

    Have you always been attentive to your physical and mental well-being?

    I have not always been attentive to my well-being, even though as a child I did modern dance and tennis. I started to become really aware of my physical and mental well-being 8 years ago when I moved to Ibiza. I started taking care of myself and instantly I felt better. It was during this period that I met my partner, with whom I am getting married this summer.
    Ibiza has opened the doors to success in my professional and social life.

    How did your parents awaken your psychological and physical well-being?

    My parents always pushed me to play sports and to be curious about things, like music for example. I went to music theory and practiced the flute for 8 years. I also took language and dance classes in addition to school.
    I was very lucky to have very attentive and loving parents.

    What are your well-being rituals?

    I practice muscle exercises regularly, and listen to specific playlists that allow me to activate myself. I also do yoga.

    Where do these rituals come from?

    I have been practicing yoga for 8 years and fitness came with age. After 40, I needed more than just the practice of yoga.

    You have discovered the practice of Kundalini activation.
    What did you like about this practice right away?

    What fascinated me about this practice is that you don’t have to do anything but lie down, close your eyes and let yourself go while listening to music.

    The experiences one can have are indescribable. You have to live it. Our body can start to move involuntarily.

    We can have visions, regressions, emotional releases like laughing, crying and screaming, energetic sensations, even orgasms…. But above all, the mental well-being that it brings, even after the first session, is incredible.

    How did this practice come about?

    This practice was born in the Philippines, 15 years ago, the creator is called PI Villaraza.
    Its history is fascinating. One morning, after living for two years in near total solitude on a remote island in Palawan called Kalipay, following a coconut diet, going three nights without sleep, going through physical purges and emotional releases, he was exercising, meditating, focusing on his breathing, and visualizing how the rest of his life could be offered in service to others, when his body suddenly began to move and dance in inventory.
    Then when he returned to his village, he began to use his hands as healing tools, realizing that he was inducing trance-like states in people. This is how he created “Innerdance”.
    Today he continues to evolve his practice and to study the effect of music and sound with doctors and neurologists. He is a true enthusiast.

    Why did it help you?

    This practice helped me feel better. It gave me more self-confidence, much more clarity in my decision making and above all I wanted even more to help others to find themselves, to remember who they really are: to find their reason for being.
    I managed to love myself as I am, to accept myself as I am (both the bad and the good). I found myself.

    What has this changed in your life?

    My ability to manifest, to create my own reality.

    How do you feel since then?

    I feel great and I’m also thrilled to see the changes in people’s lives. The happiness on their faces, their taking courage, their leaving their comfort zone makes me happy.

    You have created your own practice called Kundalini Activation and Language of Light, what does it consist of?

    Kundalini activation is a well-known and fashionable process. I just removed the word “process” because Kundalini activation process is a registered trademark. It was easier for me to keep only Kundalini activation even though the term Kundalini has, I would say, been “hijacked” because many involuntary movements, such as spasms or emotional release, are also called “Kundalini awakening.

    It is in fact an energetic process that prepares the body to release traumas, energy blockages and stored emotions. Through this practice, students perform a “reset” that improves their quality of life. The nervous system is conditioned by childhood stories, traumas, joys…. The activations allow us to return to our childhood, to deprogram ourselves of things that are not in adequacy with ourselves. They help us to return to the origin of our consciousness. The mind and the body become one. The process bridges and heals the separation between the two.

    My sessions are accompanied by light language. It is a language that carries codes for vibrational healing through DNA modifications and activations.

    It is known to help align the subtle bodies, raise the vibrations, expand the consciousness…

    I therefore named my training “trans(e)formation” because in transformation there is trance (modified state of consciousness) and training. The name taken as a whole, really gives us the goal of the session which is a trans(e)formation of our whole being.

    What are the benefits?

    • To feel more calm, peaceful, happy, free, alive.
    • To feel more “grounded” and willing to change some of the bad habits of our daily lives (toxic relationships, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs…).
    • Feel more relaxed, in better shape physically, emotionally and mentally.
    • Don’t waste more time on trivia. Thanks to the method, we know what we want and what we don’t want in life. Everything lines up.
    • Development of creativity and productivity.
    • Increased awareness, sensory experiences and more clarity or intuition.
    • To feel more connected to our life mission.
    • To feel better in our relationships with others.

    Is it important for you to make others discover it?

    Yes, of course, the medicine of tomorrow will be vibratory medicine. I think that sound will be the medicine of the future.

    Is it suitable for everyone?

    Music is used to support the activation of specific brain wave patterns, which stimulate a lucid dream-like state of consciousness. We recreate, during sessions, the conditions where the participants dream while being awake. However, I prefer to point out to my students and the facilitators I train that the sessions are not recommended for psychotic people, even though my master PI works with doctors and neurologists on dementia cases, with very good results.

    What are the next dates of the events you organize?

    The next Trans(e)formation to train new facilitators will take place on June 16, 17 and 18, 2023 at La Maison du Tigre in Paris with 6 months of online follow-up. I still have a few places left.
    Theoretical courses are given during the 6 months (marketing, construction of playlist respecting the activation of the brain waves, perception of time, cognitive sciences, language of light…), audio sharing and of course personal work.
    Trans(e)formation is not only learning to facilitate, it is also a transformation of your whole being in order to be able to best accompany your future participants.

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