Personal Practice

“It’s a trip to the
self-discovery, inviting you to come back in resonance with your “true authentic self”.

Illuminate everything that needs your love and attention right now.


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These playlists are normally intended for people who have already been activated
during an activation session and will allow you to continue the work independently.
However, if you have never done any session, this process will take you as deep as you are willing to go

The benefits of personal practice

The music is used to support alpha waves activation, that leads to a state of lucid consciousness, where it feels like a waking dream.

It is a journey of self-discovery inviting you to come back into resonance with your “true authentic self” by illuminating whatever needs your love and attention right now.

By activating the circadian rhythms of sleep, a weak latent inhibition is maintained in a semi-awake state of dream consciousness. Increased vibrational responses in the brain, body and being change the elements of the unified field and its interactions with electricity, memory, emotion, collective thinking, vision, resonance and frequency.

Each journey is unique, and takes place from your yoga mat… It’s an invitation to let got, to trust and to surrender, while returning back to your inner roots. 

This process is based on the following analogy: our body is a book full of memories from one or several lives. The sound waves of the music help us to access different pages of your book, therefore, discover parts of yourself that you didn’t know would exist.  

This playlist is based on the science of vibrations, senses, sounds and frequencies to create changes through the different brain waves and internal process, removing the layers of our conditioned mental limitations. This is an access to the real consciousness of our heart disguised by all the system of thought and belief.

These soundscapes are created to take you out of ordinary reality and into the book of your true being.

This process has the effect of slowing down our thought processes so that we can remember our true being, and awaken it. 

If you are familiar with the KAP (Kundalini Activation Process), my sessions or Dreaming Awake, your experience may be similar. You need to have a total trust in the unknown, as this experience is a total surrender – the feminine, the chaos, the spontaneous movement, the nothingness – Trust the process. 

Through the use of sound frequencies, your nervous system is rebalanced and allows you to be released from trauma, emotions that would otherwise be unconsciously suppressed or invisible.