prana activation & light language by Antonella

“It’s not about changing anything.
It’s about becoming more of who you really are.
Who you’ve always been…”

Energetic process that leads to states of expanded consciousness, commonly called Kundalini activation.

“A trance
towards a
of your entire
It’s an immersion in a non-ordinary state of consciousness, an integral transformation of your essence.

This journey is an invitation to total surrender, an experience that transcends voluntary practices such as Tantra, Chi Gong or Kundalini Yoga.

It’s a moment of total surrender, where trust, vulnerability and openness of heart prevail. Close your eyes and let every part of your being immerse itself in this deep listening…

During these sessions, activation manifests itself in the unblocking of energy channels within the brain and body, facilitating fluid energy circulation.

States of depression, stress and anxiety, as well as a whole range of mental, physical and emotional problems, emerge when internal connections are impeded by unexpressed thought patterns, behaviors and emotions, or by addictive habits.

This activation pathway offers individuals the key to deconstructing their conditioning and freeing themselves from these repetitive cycles, paving the way for the creation of new neural connections. It’s a process of deprogramming followed by reprogramming, promoting profound transformation.

Our Trans-e- Formation offers

This virtual session is a multidimensional journey into deep space-time, a state of expanded consciousness…
Dreaming Awake is a shamanic and electronic journey that starts with a deep relaxation on a carpet.
A journey of self-discovery, inviting you to reconnect with your “true authentic self

Autonomic regulation of the nervous system

This energetic process also leads to the rediscovery of the body’s innate intelligence and the autonomous regulation of the nervous system …

It’s an exploration that brings us back to our body’s natural wisdom, allowing us to tune in to its intrinsic capacity for self-regulation.

By immersing ourselves in this approach, we learn to listen to and respect the body’s subtle signals, thus unblocking the natural mechanisms of recovery and balance.
This reharmonization with body intelligence opens the door to finer regulation of the nervous system. By developing new practices, we encourage a more conscious and attentive approach to our well-being, allowing the nervous system to reconfigure itself.

This leads to reduced stress, better management of emotional reactions and increased resilience in the face of everyday challenges.

In short, this process is also a profound re-education, teaching us how to live in harmony with the natural rhythms of our being. Through this reconnection, we rediscover our body’s ability to self-regulate, guiding us towards more holistic health and a state of lasting inner balance.

Lying comfortably on a mat, you are invited to close your eyes and immerse yourself in relaxation… The music begins, enveloping the space. As the session progresses, I’ll gently interact with some of your chakra and meridian points in an intuitive way. Your role is simple: let yourself be carried along and welcome the sensations and energies that manifest themselves.

Music plays a key role, facilitating the activation of specific brain frequencies to induce a state of expanded consciousness. This dream-like state is fundamental to our consciousness.
The session is also enriched by the use of channeled language, known as light language.

This process initiates access to your deepest essence. As this essence reveals and expresses itself, it generates intense energetic movements within your physical and emotional being.

Here we embark on an awakening of consciousness, a journey of transformation on all levels – physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual – aimed at purifying the being of its fears, blockages and limitations. The aim is to achieve a state of pure energy, total harmony with oneself and the universe around us. This journey acts as a mirror, allowing us to see reality as it really is. In this altered state of consciousness, our authentic Self is revealed. We reconnect with our original source, characterized by infinity, freedom and eternity.

SUPPORTED BY The language of light, a pivotal element of this journey, serves as a universal key, unlocking emotional and spiritual blockages to communicate directly with your higher self.
It bypasses conventional language barriers, reaching deep into your soul to promote healing at its core.

This process involves a unique form of energetic DNA reprogramming. Thanks to the vibratory frequencies of the language of light, it’s possible to initiate a reconfiguration of your DNA’s energetic imprints. This reprogramming aims to heal, transform and release inherited patterns of fear, trauma and limiting beliefs, paving the way for profound personal growth.

Experiences that may occur during the session:


You are standing still,
but feel the energy flowing through your body


Activation of your
third eye, lights, images, astral travel, visions…


Anger, sadness, fear, tears, or bursts of laughter, joy … Don’t hold back, feel the emotions, this is the way to liberation…;


Body movements, stretching, yoga postures, shaking,
mudras… **

And after a session … …. the beneficiaries :

After a session, the transformations can be profound and varied, touching every aspect of your being.
  • You could discover unparalleled inner peace, a sense of happiness and freedom that permeates your daily life. The sensation of being fully alive and present becomes more palpable. In addition, a deeper rootedness may emerge, making you more determined to change certain harmful habits in your life, whether they be toxic relationships, smoking, drinking or taking drugs.
  • This transformation can also sharpen your discernment, helping you to eliminate distractions and trivia, clarifying your desires and aspirations. You may notice an increase in your creativity and productivity, finding new sources of inspiration and motivation in your work and personal projects.
  • On a physical, emotional and mental level, a heightened sense of relaxation and well-being can emerge. You may feel invigorated, more balanced and in harmony with yourself.
  • Post-session elevation of consciousness can open the door to enriched sensory experiences, clarity of thought and sharpened intuition. These changes can guide you towards a better understanding of your life mission, illuminating the path to your ultimate goal.
  • Relationships with others can also improve significantly. You’ll feel more connected, empathetic and open, fostering more authentic and meaningful interactions. This new approach to human relations can transform the way you communicate and interact, deepening existing bonds and facilitating the creation of new connections.
In short, the effects of a session can reshape your experience of life in a holistic way, leading you to a richer, fuller existence more aligned with your true essence.