A virtual session

From the comfort of your living room

This virtual session is a multidimensional journey into a deep mind space which leads you to a state of expanded consciousness.

It is an invitation to let go, to trust and to surrender.

The relaxation of your body is the first step, it will induce to calm your mind and your emotions, to connect your brain with alpha waves. You are still conscious, but at the same time, receptive to your inner world, as in a dreaming status. 

This energetic process aims at letting go of your fears and revealing a new sense of self-confidence.

During the session, you have absolutely nothing to do instead of lie down comfortably on your mat, close your eyes, and relax while listening to music and the « light language ».

According to each person’s experience, the session may trigger movements of your body. You may also feel the “need” to do certain yoga postures (sometimes postures you never thought you could do!), or mudras (special gestures with your fingers).

You may feel great joy and want to laugh out loud. On the other hand, you might also feel fear, sadness, and want to cry… In any case, let yourself go!

From the comfort of your living room, you must fully embrace all the feelings and emotions that may arise from this experience. You will feel “released” after that.

During a session, you can also have visual experiences (visions, astral projection, activation of the 3rd eye…) or energetic experiences (you can feel the energy circulating in your body system). States of ecstasy are also reported.

If this is your first experience, you should know that about 90% of participants respond to a first virtual session. According to the work of Corine Sombrun, “90% of people are capable of entering a state of trance”.

If you have already been in a session with me and enjoyed its benefits, your body may react in the same way during a virtual session.

You could also experience changes outside of the session, in life itself. There will be new ways of feeling, seeing, expressing and that is the most important.

Course of the session

Participants lie down on their yoga mat, close their eyes, relax while listening a specific playlist.

It is important to stop eating 3 hours before the session and to eat lightly at lunchtime if the session is scheduled for the evening.

If the session is in the morning, be completely empty stomach (coffee and tea can be taken).

A zoom link will be provided the morning of the session to all participants that have booked with me. 

Material needed

A good internet connection

ZOOM downloaded on your laptop/tablet or phone

Speaker is recommended, but you can also use a wireless headset connected to your device

Yoga mat or blanket on the floor

How the session works

Set up your yoga mat and webcam at least 5 minutes in advance

Log in to ZOOM on time

Welcome and brief introduction

You lie down, we put on the music and the session begins