With Antonella: creator of the Trans-e-formation energy school and facilitator of an energetic process that leads to states of expanded consciousness, commonly known as kundalini activation.

Facilitated thousands of people and trained 100 facilitators worldwide (France, Dubai, Morocco, New Caledonia, Switzerland, Belgium, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Barthélemy, Dakar …..).

“When we use mysticism, the power goes mainly to the mystic and away from the mystified.

Demystifying the cosmos means bringing power to all. ” Pi Villaraza

The project to train new facilitators was born out of my desire to develop experiences of liberation and transformation by providing an objective and above all scientific understanding of this energetic process leading to non-ordinary states of consciousness.


School of Energy & Language of Light

Here’s why Trans-e-formation stands out:

* Growing Community
Join a dynamic community of 100 facilitators in French-speaking countries, expanding internationally in April with the first training session in Cancun in English.

* Create your own playlists
Learn the art of playlist construction to recreate the dream state (REM) for your own sessions. For those uncomfortable with creating playlists, facilitators will find playlists available for purchase on my site in addition to those already given during the training course.

* Professionalism
Start your business trip with a promotional video to make you stand out from the start on social networks. Video made during practice.

* Science-based
Receive solid scientific explanations of the process, for an in-depth understanding.

* Ongoing Support
Benefit from intensive follow-up for 6 months, with 2 zoom calls a month, and a WhatsApp channel for instant support.

* Transparent & honest communication
Master the use of words to clearly explain this unique process.

* Years of study
Since 2019, I’ve been studying this process in depth to offer you solid expertise and continue communication and my learnings with PI.

* Going Even Further
For enthusiasts, a higher module will be available to explore the construction of direct REM music (May or June 2024).

* Coming soon:
Become a Trainer
(under selection)After 1and half years of facilitation, you have the opportunity to become a trainer yourself
and use my e-learning platform for your future participants.


Your journey is much more than just a training course. It’s an invitation to embrace your potential, broaden your horizons, and become a catalyst for change. Come and join us!

Want to know more? About the power of vibrations, music, psychology, neurology? And everything to do with the alteration of time and space?

Trans(e)formation provides an objective, scientific understanding of this process.

There are 3 days of intensive practice and 6 months of follow-up where we co-create together.
Theoretical courses are given during the 6 months (marketing, playlist construction respecting brainwave activation, perception of time, cognitive sciences, language of light….), audio sharing and of course personal work etc. ….

Trans(e)formation isn’t just about learning to facilitate, it’s also about transforming your whole being so that you can best support your future participants.

Becoming a facilitator of vital energy activation and profound transformation.

You will learn how to create a safe and stimulating environment for your participants to explore their inner world and access non-ordinary states of consciousness.

This program is designed:

– For those who are passionate about helping others awaken their spiritual potential
– For those who wish to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them
– For those who wish to acquire objective knowledge of this process as energy.

Thanks to a combination of theory, audio sharing, group discussions and intensive 3-day practice, you’ll have all the tools you need to effectively run your own activation sessions.

You’ll accompany your sessions with the language of light, as new frequencies of information and healing have become available to support humanity’s current vibratory state.

Light language is always a wonderful addition to most therapeutic modalities, as it adds a valuable layer of communication and healing.

Come and join us!


8th Trans(e)formation on JUNE 7,8,9 2024 & 6 months online (e-learning platform).

I look forward to seeing you on this new transformational adventure.

This 8th edition of trans(e)formation will enable you to :

1. Access to 3 days of intense practice.

2. 2 Zoom Calls will be organized every month for the six months following the initial training.

3. To speak your own language of light.

4. Access to personal support. I will be personally available to accompany each participant throughout the learning process.

5. Access to a booklet given during practice, audio sharing and theory lessons during the 6-month follow-up period on an e-learning platform.

6. Access to a sharing area:

Through a WhatsApp channel, regular shares from myself and all participants.

7. Get a marketing mini-video to promote your work as a facilitator.

8. Obtain certification.

9. To be part of the Trans-e-formation community (organization of shared sessions, mutual aid, connection…)

You need to have done sessions to apply and be sensitive to the process.


    You cannot apply for this course. However, you can book activation sessions with a facilitator near you so that you can apply for this training at a later date.

    Thanks to the 2022/2023/2024 promotions

    Wherever you are in the world, find easily a Facilitator trained by Antonella

    During lessons…